14 Cheap Steaks You Should and Shouldn't Buy

14 Cheap Steaks You Should And Shouldn't Buy A tasty steak that melts in your mouth is one of life's great pleasures. But rising labor costs and increasing international demand for U.S. beef have pushed the prices to new heights. However, if you know what to look for, there are many cheap steaks that will save you money and still deliver in flavor and texture. So, which are the cheap steaks and which ones are worth buying? For a cheap cut of meat to be enjoyable, it must have that distinctive be

Putting Your Mattress on the Floor Isn't a Good Idea - Here's Why? | WhatASleep

Sleeping on a mat or mattress on the floor has a long history of use worldwide. It was common practice for many civilisations, including the Ancient Egyptians. However, now that other options are available, it’s clear that it comes with additional risks: When you place your mattress directly on the floor, there is no space for air to circulate. This means that any heat or sweat has no way of escaping and creates the perfect environment for mould and pests such as bed bugs. A mouldy mattress c

A Guide to 50th Anniversary Gifts

A fiftieth wedding anniversary is an occasion worth marking with a well-considered gift. Whether it’s your anniversary or the golden couple are family or friends, finding the perfect gift has never been more important. Online shopping has dramatically increased the number of unique gift options available to you, but you may still be unsure of where to look first. We’ve put together this detailed collection of resources and lists to help you find the best 50th wedding anniversary gifts available

An introduction to matcha

Matcha is a distinctively flavoured green powder that can be used to create hot beverages, smoothies or added to food. It comes from Japan and is traditionally prepared in a small bowl with a bamboo whisk. In recent years the popularity of matcha has spread across the world and it's now found in supermarkets, tea rooms and coffee shops throughout the UK. Because of its unique flavour and superfood status, it's now featured in recipes for anything from smoothies and chilled drinks to cakes and cr

Matcha recipes

Matcha is a form of powdered green tea that is precisely cultivated to deliver a high concentration of beneficial nutrients. It has a distinctive flavour that makes an excellent addition to many drinks, smoothies and many sweet and savoury recipes. Putting matcha in your food and drink gives it a distinctive green colour, adds a pleasant herbal flavour, and provides a steady caffeine boost. We've chosen these recipes to provide you with an effective arsenal of quick treats that will maximise t

Holland & Barrett CBD Oil: Is It Any Good?

Holland & Barrett is a well-known health food brand with over 1300 stores across 16 countries. In the UK, their shops can be found in most towns and they refer to themselves as ‘Europe’s largest and most trusted health and wellness retailer’. In store or via their website you can get everything from vitamins, supplements and sports nutrition to gluten-free and vegan food items. They also offered a selection of CBD products including oils, capsules and balms. This leads to the question, is CBD o

The benefits of turmeric & curcumin

Turmeric was once merely an underused curry ingredient, now it’s a food supplement and health hero. However, it’s not all been golden lattes and tropical turmeric cleansers, there have been critics too. Turmeric occasionally comes under fire for having little benefit and not living up to the hype. This is because the turmeric in your kitchen cupboard contains very little of the active ingredient curcumin. Choking down powdery spoonfuls from the jar at the bottom of your spice rack just won’t cu

CBD 101- Everything you need to know

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of over a hundred naturally occurring cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. It is defined as a Phyto-cannabinoid and it’s the second most common cannabinoid after THC. It is classed as psychoactive, however it produces no intoxicating effects like THC. When cannabis plants begin to flower, they produce cannabidiolic acid (CBDa) in resinous glands called trichomes on the plants’ flowers and leaves. If the raw plant material is exposed to enough heat and light, the CB

A short history of CBD

Hemp has a long history of commercial use and has been consumed as both an herb and a food in cultures around the world. Despite hemps many applications, including paper, oil, biofuel, rope and clothing, it has had a poor reputation for the last 100 years or so. During this time cannabis has been banned in almost every country. While hemp doesn’t have the same intoxicating qualities as cannabis, authorities often fail to see the difference, resulting in its farming being restricted, prohib

CBD Brothers Blue Edition Review

The CBD Brothers, also known as ‘The Original Alternative’, is a small UK company with the motto ‘Health over Wealth’. They pride themselves on being passionate advocates of the benefits of cannabis and produce a select range of quality oils. Unlike other CBD brands, with the CBD Brothers, you don’t just select your oil by strength, you can also choose from Indica, Sativa or hybrid strains. This 10ml blue edition is a 500mg CBD/CBDa, oil made from Sativa hemp strains. Different hemp varieties d

How to Keep Chickens

Keeping chickens provides you with an egg supply, but is it worth it, and what do you need to do to keep them? To keep chickens, you need a coop with at least 3 square feet per bird and a run area with at least 10 square feet per bird. They also need a comfortable perch, nest boxes, water, and nutritious food. Once they’ve moved in, you will need to give them food and water every day and clean out the coop weekly. Chickens are surprisingly easy to keep and can be affectionate and good-natured.

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need to Run My Home Off-Grid?

When you prepare to install solar panels in your off-grid home, one of the most critical questions is: How many will I need? The number of solar panels depends on the amount of power you use, the average daily sunlight, and their size. A small home or cabin using 1,500kWh and receiving an average of 4 hours of full sunlight a day, would need two 300W panels. A large house, in the same area, needing 9000kWh, would require ten 300W panels. To calculate exactly how many panels your home needs, yo

Guide to Off-Grid Solar Inverters

If you are interested in having a solar power system installed in your home, it is important to know what you will need. The heart of any solar system, whether off or on-grid, is the inverter. To ensure that you select the right one for your system, it is vital to understand its features, how it works, and what it does. An off-grid solar inverter manages the conversion of DC electricity produced in the solar panels into AC that can be used to run your home. The size of the inverter you will nee

The Complete Guide to Off-Grid Wastewater Management

If you don’t have access to mains sewerage or want to make your home completely independent, you will need to find an effective way of disposing of your waste. • Greywater – from washing machines, sinks, tubs, and showers. It needs minimal treatment before it can be leached into the soil or used to water plants. • Blackwater – from toilets. This needs to be carefully disposed of or treated. To find out which system suits you best, it’s necessary to understand how they work and how to make them

What Is the Difference Between Off-Grid and On-Grid Solar Panels?

Solar panels are a great way to save money on your utility bills, but what is the difference between off and on-grid systems? On-grid solar panels are connected to a local power utility via the grid. They feed back any excess energy into the network, and the grid makes up any shortfall. Off-grid panels are not connected in any way to the grid, and 100% of the power produced is used or stored within the home system. Both these systems have benefits and challenges, which you choose for your home

8 Ways to Generate Off-Grid Electricity at Home

When I think about generating off-grid electricity, I automatically think of solar power. But is that my only option? I did my research and several different ways to run an off-grid home. Solar panels are the most popular method of generating electricity at home. In 2019 over 2 million solar systems had been installed in the US. The Solar Energies Industry Association predicts that by 2024 2.5% of all American homes will have solar panels, and they will be installed at the equivalent of a rate

How to Get an Off-Grid Water Supply Without a Well

Wells are a fantastic way to supply water to your off-grid home, but they aren’t always practical. If you don’t have the space or money to install one, what else can you do to get an off-grid water supply? Without a well, the best off-grid water supply is from rainwater. One inch of rain falling on a 1,000 square foot area can yield 600 gallons. You can harvest it from an existing roof, a frame, or a tarp system. If necessary, you can supplement your supply by buying it in until you have enough

11 Challenges of Going Off-Grid and How to Overcome Them

The thought of going off-grid is exciting, but it also requires money, commitment, and hard work. What are the challenges faced when you take your home off-grid? The challenges provided by an off-grid lifestyle depend on your location, your mindset, and the resources available to you. Many of them can be overcome with resilience, determination, planning, and a creative approach. This list will introduce you to some of the challenges faced when committing to an off-grid lifestyle. It also has s

How Long do Solar Panels Last? +5 Ways to Extend Their Life

Buying and installing solar panels is one of the most momentous tasks of taking your home off-grid. When you finally take the plunge, it’s important to know how long they will last. Solar panels last for at least 25 years. Throughout their use, they slowly degrade which reduces their output over time. Most panels will continue to work for at least 80% efficiency for 25 years or longer. There are a few simple changes you can make to extend their life. Solar panels degrade by about 0.5% every ye

How Much Land Do You Need to Be Self-Sufficient?

If you live in an urban or suburban area, you are unlikely to have access to several acres of land to grow food for your family. Still, you shouldn’t give up on your dream of self-sufficiency. To be self-sufficient, some families use 5 acres to produce a years’ worth of food, whereas others use only a fifth of an acre. The amount of land you need depends on your climate, soil, and farming methods. Methods like urban homesteading and permaculture can help to get the most out of your land. How m
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